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Trainings, Classes, and Seminars 

Seminars and Workshops 2020


Finding the Trail- Tracking/Trailing Seminar

July 11-13th, 2020, Saturday- Monday

The second of series of three.

This continues with first seminar- starting your dog on tracking/trailing. This class will continue foundation work- this seminar will include change of surfaces, indications, negatives, beginning to work intersections, and more. this class is designed for those that took the first seminar starting their dogs on trailing, and any other team that would like to strengthen their foundation in trailing, and increase the future success of their team. Location  Bellingham, Washington.

8 slots available.  2 slots left

Cost  $380.00

Deposit at sign up. Go to store. 

Finding the Trail- Tracking/Trailing Seminar


Last of series. We will continue on our foundation work to build strong tracking/trailing teams. This seminar will be working hard surfaces, distractions, and more to give you the tools to strengthen your teams foundation. This seminar is designed for the teams completing series, and is also here for anyone that wants to strengthen their hard surface work finding the trail. Location Bellingham, Washington.

5 slots available

Cost $380.00

Deposit at sign up. Go to store.

Night Urban Trails- Tracking/Traiiling Seminar

July 31,  August 1, & 2, 2020- FULL

Being comfortable working our dogs through the urban landscape in the middle of the night. Many of your callouts will come in the middle of the night, how often do you train in the wee hours of the night. This is my favorite time to search, and the dogs can thrive in these quieter hours.  This seminar will start on Friday night at 7pm, and we will work through the night, ending about three am Saturday.  We will then meet up again at 7pm Saturday night.  We will be working each K9 on longer trails through the urban landscape. Handlers will be asked to help flank and navigate as other teams work, as well as working their dogs. The trails will be 4-12 hours old. Your team should have experience working tracks aged up to 12 hours, and lengths up to 1 mile.  There are only four slots open for this seminar  to give teams time to work these larger problems. I believe this will be a great adventure for all that take part.

Location Bellingham and surrounding areas

5 slots available

Cost $400.00

Deposit at sign up. Go to store.

Your Goals- Tracking/Trailing Seminar

August 8th and 9th , 2020

This is a short two day seminar working on each handlers individual goals, and struggles to change these to strengths and successes.  After we all have had a few months "staying at home" it is time to get back out there set goals, and enjoy training together again! Each handler will be asked to bring their top three needs to reach goals and or work through struggles. We will start Saturday at 9am with a discussion of these needs and set up our trainings to work on these needs. Saturday 9am-8pm,

Sunday 9-5pm. 

Location Bellingham and surrounding areas.

5 slots available

Cost $300.00

Deposit at sign up. Go to store.

Callout Ready Seminar- Tracking/Trailing Seminar

August 22-24, 2020

We are bringing this one back! Setting up scenarios to match Callouts. Working as an individual team, and working on scenarios with other K9 teams. We will be adding new scenarios, and a little K9 Track NW adventure. Build strength in your team by learning to train for the callout you may get tomorrow.

Location Bellingham

5 slots available

Cost $400.00

Deposit at sign up. Go to store.

Urban Foundation for the Tracking Team

August 28, 29.& 30th, 2020

This weekend's focus will be on the urban trail.  A strong foundation is not about just training for the track, yet training for the environment, and stamina to keep your dog focused on the track in front of them. One on One instruction to help your team find success in the urban trail.  This seminar will include 3 full days in the field, and an evening classroom discussion on setting up your trainings to prepare your team for the urban callout.

Location Bellingham

10 slots available

Cost $400.00

More seminars to come for 2020!

K9 Track NW Workshops

Welcome everyone!

Workshops are open to anyone that has taken any type of class from K9 Track NW.  Locations to be announced. Workshops are a day of working short drills, setting up scenarios for all stages of experience.  We will challenge you a bit, and have fun working with our dogs. This year we have work shops for the tracking dogs and for our article searches.

Come join us- your dog will be so happy you signed up!

6 slots available for each work shop.

Work shops will be approximately 7 hours.

Cost $50.00

2020 dates for Workshops

Tracking- Sunday, August 16th, 9-4pm

Tracking-Saturday, September 12th, 9-4pm

Article Search- Sunday, September 13th, 9-4pm

Go to store to sign up,  select workshop.

Group classes

Tracking Classes

Track 1. Tracking classes begin with Track 1, teaching you and your dog the basics of tracking.  Getting your dog's nose to the ground and teaching them to follow a specific trail. This class takes place in different outdoor field areas in the Bellingham area. This class is 7 weeks and each class is 2 hours. 

Cost $360.00

Next start dates- 

Thursday,  July 2, 2020, 10am-noon.

 Thursday, July 2, 2020, 1:30- 3:30.

 Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 10am-noon. Class full.

Go to store to sign up.

Track 2. Here  you will lengthen your trails, and begin working different surfaces. At the end of Track 2 Class there will be a certification, you must pass this certification to move forward.

Track 2 is six weeks long and classes run 2-3 hours.

Cost $360.00

Next start dates- 

Thursday,  July 2, 2020, 6-8pm. 

Friday,  July 3, 2020, 10am-noon. 2 slots left

Go to store to sign up.

 Wilderness Tracking class. In this class we work the trails in our beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Class runs for four weeks, and each class is 4 hours.

Cost $400.00

Next start dates-

Friday, July 3, 2020, 2-6pm. 2 slots left.

Go to store to sign up.


Urban Tracking. This class requires you pass the Track 2 Certification, or a similar certification. You will also need to demonstrate  some basic obedience skills to keep you both safe in an urban setting.  this class will take place in our great neighborhoods in Bellingham. We will work hard surfaces, learn to work through many distractions, and lengthen trails to complete the tracking foundation.

Cost $400.00

Next start date to be announced soon!

All classes must have a minimum of 3 students, maximum 4.

Air Scent Classes

Finding the Articles

This class takes place inside, dog learns to search for a specific scent, indicating when they find it. In this class you will be working your dog on a six foot leash, learning how to search a room to find what the two of you have been asked to find. Six sessions all 2 hours. 

Cost $300.00

Next start dates 2020

Sunday, November 1st, 10-12noon.

To sign up go to store and select Find the Articles, or contact me.

Seminars, Private and Small Group Classes

Seminars for groups available. 6-10 dog teams.

Contact me for more information and  to schedule.

Private or small group classes  start at $100.00 an hour.

Call or email today to sign up.

Please Call Me For More Information.

1 (360) 319-0043